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SEO Web Directory - Simple Methods To Submit
free directory submission; A popular topic traveling around today is the performance of a SEO web directory. I suppose the biggest question every body craves to comprehend is, what are the rewards of simply being placed in a SEO web directory? A SEO web directory listing will have a decent amount of benefits if the directory is put together in a design that would profit both itself and the webpages listed inside of them. But in order to learn how reliable a directory listing can be for any site you will need to do a little investigating on the directory first. Yeah I recognize that takes time, but it is perfectly worth it if you decide to shell out your cash in a web directory listing.
Here are a small amount of things I look for when deciding if it is really worth it to submit to a specified directory.
Is in fact the directory 100% SEO friendly. A lot of directories profess to be SEO friendly purely because they have direct links pointing to the sites listed in them, or because they improved the home page. Suffice to say, imo this doesn`t make a directory 100% SEO friendly. There are more aspects to have a look at when suggesting a directory is SEO friendly.
Are all sections SEO`ed for the title tag.
Are all pages SEO`ed for the description tag.
Are all sections optimized for the keywords tag.
Those are the three most needed, there are extra things to give consideration to as well, like page names, h1 tags, alt tags etc. The web directories that have their sites setup in this approach will give you the most value to the sites listed in them. Naturally it is appealing if the pr is okay on every one of the pages, however page rank is not the main factor when it comes to search engines. I believe that directories that have their pages perfectly optimized are a great deal more valuable then web directories that only have a huge pr. The main reason I express this is because if I have a site related to say gift baskets but I am listed on a page that only says gifts, then of course my link is to some extent relevant and local directory could very well provide really good serps, but getting listed on a page that has gift baskets in the meta title, description, keywords and phrases and h1 and perhaps a little content and articles, is going to be a lot more beneficial because the web page that I am listed on is 100% related to what my site offers. Yahoo can not over look links of this nature,
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